Only A True ‘Kabaddi’ Fan Can Nail This Quiz

In which village does the first half of the film takes place?

What's the full name of Kaji?

Where does Kaji's elder sister wants to take him to?

Which song is Maiya dancing to here?

Maiya and her friends are watching the kids play here. What are they playing?

On which day is Kaji supposed to have Maiya eat the kheer?

Which division does Maiya pass her SLC grade in?

What's the name of Buddhi Lal Magar aka Chhantyal's wife?

Who has played the character of Lama Mukhiya?

Who finds Maiya running away from home?

What's the name of the manpower company Maiya's father owns?

How much money did Nischal Basnet's character deposit to go to Japan?

Where did he want to go to?

How much did they ask for ransom from Maiya's father initially?

How old is Ambir Gauchan?

What's the name of the higher secondary school Maiya goes to after returning to village?

Who has the last line in the film?

Can You?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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