Nepali Beauty Queens In National Costumes In All The Major Pageants In 2017

With the 46th edition of the Miss Intercontinental rescheduled to a later date, the 2017 pageant season is now almost over. The pageant that was initially scheduled to take place in December in Sri Lanka will now be taking place in Egypt in January, 2018. Barsha Sharma will be representing Nepal in the pageant that will have its final show on the 26th at the Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay.

Before we say goodbye to the year 2017, let’s revisit some of the major international pageants of the year, and more particularly the National Costume rounds.

The national costume segment is quite an important part of any pageant, as it gives the contestants an opportunity to tell the world something unique and interesting about their country with the help of the costume. The national costume doesn’t necessarily needs to be the official national dress of that particular country, but anything that represents that country and tells about its culture, society, history, flora and fauna, or anything that makes it unique.

These are the beauty queens who represented Nepal at various pageants across the world, clad in the national costumes.

Zeenus Lama – Miss Grand Intenational

Zeenus Lama represented Nepal in the Miss Grand International pageant in October this year. The coronation night took place on October 25th in Phu Quoc in Vietnam.

Manish Rai designed the national costume for her for the 5th edition of the pageant.

Photos: Miss Grand International

Rojina Shrestha – Miss Earth

The most number of pageants took place in November this year, and the first one was the Miss Earth pageant. Rojina Shrestha was Nepal’s bet in the 17th edition of the pageant that took place in the Philippines. The coronation night was held on November 4th in Metro Manila.

Her Kumari-inspired national costume was designed by Daljit Sudan.

Photos: Miss Earth

Niti Shah – Miss International

The final show of the 57th edition of the Miss International pageant took place on November 14th in Tokyo, Japan. Niti Shah represented Nepal in the competition.

Manish Rai had designed the national costume for her.

Photos: Stephen Diaz/Missosology

Nikita Chandak – Miss World

The coronation night of the 67th edition of Miss World was held on November 18th. The pageant that witnesses the most number of representatives than in any other international pageant every year, had a whopping 118 contestants competing for the coveted title in China this year. Nikita Chandak represented Nepal in the pageant.

Her national costume, too, was designed by Manish Rai. While the Miss World pageant doesn’t have a national costume competition, she wore the dress during the Dances of the world auditions, the parade, and the dances of the world in the final event.

Photos: Miss World

Nagma Shrestha – Miss Universe

Nepal made its debut in the Miss Universe pageant this year. Nagma Shrestha who played a crucial role in bringing the franchise to Nepal, was the first ever Nepali beauty queen to take part in the competition. The coronation night of the 66th edition of the pageant had taken place in Las Vegas, USA on November 26th.

A special event was held in Kathmandu to showcase the national costume and the other dresses before she left for Las Vegas. Bina Ghale had designed the handmade ethnic costume, and the head gear – a sculpted Mandala – was designed by Bijay Maharjan.

Photos: Miss Universe

Samim Khan – Manhunt International

The winner of Manhunt International Nepal 2016, Samim Khan, represented Nepal in Manhunt International male pageant. The final show of the competition had taken place on November 27th in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kamal Manandhar had designed the national costume for him.

Photo: Drew Francinsco/Missosology

Photos: Fotos Factory

Sahara Basnet – Miss Asia Pacific International

After a decade-long hiatus, Miss Asia Pacific International, made a comeback last year with a new management. Sahara Basnet represented Nepal in the pageant this year which took place in the Philippines. The coronation night was held on November 29th.

Her national costume was designed by Noor by SR, and her father made the head-gear.

Photo: Miss Asia Pacific International

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