PGGH Drop Sizzling Music Video For ‘Mai Ho’

PGGH (Paisa Goonz Gidi Hoonz) at it again!

The folks behind the hits like ‘Xan Geda’, ‘Timi Jastai’ and ‘Vaagya’ are back with yet another new single, and like everytime, they’ve got a slick music video for it.

The music video for ‘Mai Ho’ features Manila Karki, and boy, she sizzles – she absolutely does. Filmed in the newly opened Hotel Mystic Mountain in Nagarkot, the video is shot by Chintan Raj Bhandari and directed by Dorje Sherpa.

Released under the label of MAR$, the music for the song is produced by Jay D.




Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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