Swastima Khadka Reads Mean YouTube Comments: Watch

Paradygm TV has released a new video featuring Swastima Khadka. In the 20-minute video, the ‘Hostel Returns’ actress is seen reading and reacting to mean YouTube comments directed at her.

While Swastima does look uncomfortable at times, she tries her best to keep her cool and reacts to not only negative but offensive and abusive comments pretty gracefully. The comments comparing her to a monkey and wild animals make her laugh; but the ones about her marriage — which seem unfair to be even discussed in a public platform — do seem to bother her, no matter how hard she tries to play it cool; which is quite obvious.

The segment ends with a comment that reads, ‘Randi’, which clearly is so offensive, she couldn’t even read it out loud. “They [trolls] have whole lot of time to leave comments like these. I always wonder how do they feel about themselves when they see a mirror. Do they feel ashamed?”; says a visibly shocked Swastima.

The good thing about Paradygm team — they do not leave Swastima to go with such a terrible feeling after coming across such horrible comments. She is later shown the videos sent to them by her fans and well-wishers, telling her how amazing she is. That’s quite moving.

Now on a serious note; she is an artist and you have every right to pass your comments or criticise her based on her works. Tell her that she is a terrible actor, tell her that she can’t dance, tell her that her films are bad – that’s fine. But you can’t do the same when it comes to her personal life. Talking shit about her personal life and her relationship is not okay. That’s not right. Chetana bhaya!

Dear Swastima, you have our respect. Keep doing your thing!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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