‘Stories Of Nepal’ Blogger Jay Poudyal Opens Up About Journey From Addiction To Recovery

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York blog, Jay Poudyal started Stories of Nepal in October 2013. The Kathmandu blogger has been sharing with us the inspiring, emotional, funny and tragic stories from every corner of the country since then.

Like every single person who have appeared on his blog so far, Poudyal, too, has quite a story — a powerful story that could inspire a lot of people. He recently appeared on ‘Suman Sanga’ to tell the same.

Jay Poudyal was a guest on Suman Kharel’s popular Kantipur TV talk show where he talked about the fight he fought against alcoholism and how he is now enjoying the sober life with his loving family. “When I realized that I have the problem (alcohol addiction), it was too late”, he told the host how dependent he had become on alcohol.

It’s been five years since he has been living the sober life but it wasn’t easy to take back control of his life. Listen to him telling his own story.


Jay Poudyal’s story teaches us that no matter how difficult situations you find yourself in, there’s always a way out. In his own words, “There’s [always] a solution.” NEVER GIVE UP.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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