In Other News, These YouTubers Are The Real MVPs

Sisan Baniya’s another YouTube project, Paradygm TV, has been coming up with a lot of fun materials lately. From the guests guessing different songs to guessing television shows and answering film trivia questions — a lot has been happening in the newly launched YouTube channel.

In a recent episode, various YouTubers were invited on the show and were to guess the ranking of the most viewed Nepali songs on YouTube. Anup and Avash from Nepal Reacts were in one team, Neetesh Jung Kunwar was a solo warrior, Kichhy and Prechya made another team, moto vlogger Dose of Ride in his mysterious avatar with the helmet on was another one-man army; and the last (but not least, of course) Rastra from Random Nepali and Binayak from Why So Offended were part of the fifth team.

All the five teams were shown the ten most viewed Nepali videos on YouTube and they had to guess their rankings. And these ‘thugs’ absolutely nailed it.


Watch how the five teams performed and who won the goodies from NewMew.

That was fun, right. For more such videos, find Paradygm TV on YouTube.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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