Hilarious Sketch Shows What It’s Like To Be ‘Posh’ In Kathmandu

The creative folks at Gauthali Entertainment have come up with a new sketch series titled ‘So Called’. The first episode that has just been released is a hilarious take on what it means to be ‘posh’ in Kathmandu.

The 5-minute video (kinda) shows you the lifestyle of the people you see on social media and instantly think, “No dude. S/he is way out of my league.”

Starring Ojaswee Sharma Ghimire, the sketch by Saurav Rajbhandari, Sahayog Raj Adhikari and Pranav KC is filmed by Krimin Tuladhar and Siddhanth Kapali. Read the disclaimer before you watch the video.

[Disclaimer: All the characters and events are fictional. Nah, just kidding. It’s absolutely based on you, yes YOU, the person reading this right now. OK bye, watch the video now.]

Moral of the story: Screw everything else, masu-bhaat is love!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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