Nabin Subba’s ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’ Gets Busan International Film Festival Premiere

Goodbye Kathmandu is finally set to hit the big screen.

The film directed by Nabin Subba that was expected to release in 2011 had been delayed for various reasons. But after almost seven years, the film is all set for its world premiere, that too at South Korea’s largest film event — Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Produced by Soham Dhakal and Padam Subba, the film stars Karma, Subarna Thapa, Nikhil Gurung, Malvika Subba and Mala Limbu in the lead roles. ‘Loot’ director Nischal Basnet, who considers this film to be his ‘school’, had started his film journey with the very film as the Production Assistant. “Nabin Subba dai helped me know about the craft of movie making and challenges associated with it”, he told NeoStuffs.

Director Subba with Nischal Basnet

“In the winter of 2004 as Nepal’s brutal civil war wages on, three separate characters look for success, identity and love in Kathmandu during historic upheavel. Amar returns from the US to start a business. Mangal is torn between tradition and rock music. Robin is pressured to join the Gurkhas”, the program note for the film reads on the website of BIFF.

Subarna Thapa in a scene from the film
Karma in a scene from the film

Along with ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’, Rajesh Prasad Khatri’s ‘A Curious Girl’ will be another Nepali film to premiere at the lauded Korean film festival next month.

The 22nd edition of the film festival, that takes place annually in the southeastern port city of Busan, runs from October 12-21 this year. Kalo Pothi, Suntali and White Sun are among Nepali films that were screened in the previous editions of the film fest.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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