Remember The ‘Kya Bore Bhayo’ Guy From Nepal Idol? He Is Now A Roadie

If you watched the latest episode — Episode 5, Kathmandu Auditions — of Himalaya Roadies, you might have wondered about a contestant who looked quite familiar, but you couldn’t remember where you have seen him before.

We are talking about this guy.


Prasot Kandel, a 19-year-old guy from Sinamangal, Kathmandu.

Well, let us just quickly remind you where you have seen him before. Tada!

Yep, that’s right. He was seen in Nepal Idol, Kathmandu auditions. He had sung a Yogeshwar Amatya song called ‘Kya Bore Bhayo’.


The judges weren’t impressed by his singing but did seem to have enjoyed the performance. “I love your swag”, Indira Joshi had said to him. Kali Prasad Baskota found him to have a good personality and liked his presentation. Nhyoo Bajracharya, on the other hand, played guitar while he sang the song.

He didn’t make it through though. It was February 8th when he gave the audition, and the episode was aired on May 18th on AP1 TV. A little over a month after the Nepal Idol audition, he showed up at Himalaya Roadies auditions in Kathmandu on March 14th; and the episode was aired on July 31st on Himalaya TV.

While we saw a jolly side of him on Nepal Idol; he seemed a little serious on Himalaya Roadies. After passing the Group Discussion round, he faced the three judges – Laure, Raymon and Deeya – for his personal interview.


“The tagline of the show is Rising Through Hell and I think I have went through that. I am 19, probably the youngest contestant”, he introduced himself. “During childhood, I was different.”

“I myself realized that when I was in fourth standard, and I was different. People used to tell me that you’re different. You have to act like this, in a certain way; and I didn’t know how was I supposed to act like”, he shared his experiences of growing up. “Then I started growing up, and then I realized something, a different thing.”

He even told how he used to get bullied; and how even his father started disliking him. “He wants me to be a regular guy or something like that. But I am not a regular guy.”

After some intense conversation, he was told to show his talent and well, it seemed like someone else came out of him suddenly.


He put on Deeya Maskey’s heels and danced so well that he was joined by the three judges themselves.

“This guy can be an example for the show”, Laure said about him after he left. “Not just for the show, he can be an example for everyone”, Raymon added.

The judges seemed pretty impressed and as a result, he was selected for the Roadies journey.

Prasot became one of the seventeen Roadies selected from five cities across the nation.

After the completion of the audition rounds, the next episodes of Himalaya Roadies will take us on a journey that will have the Roadies take on various challenges in different parts across Nepal.

Can’t Wait!!!

You can watch Prasot’s Nepal Idol audition HERE (starts at 33:50) and Himalya Roadies audition HERE (starts at 31:35).


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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