Himalaya Roadies Gets A Hilarious Parody

Love it or hate it, Himalaya TV’s Himalaya Roadies is one of the most popular TV shows in Nepal at the moment. After the completion of the audition round episodes, the show will be airing the episodes consisting of the tasks from this week as the seventeen Roadies selected from five cities across the nation take on the Roadies journey.

While we are enjoying the main episodes along with the behind the scenes episodes of Himalaya Roadies; there’s something else related (well, a little) with the show that, too, has been entertaining us — the parody show by YouTube channel Colleges Nepal. In the three episodes that have been released so far, the parody show has three judges who are playing Laure, Raymon Das and Deeya Maskey who are auditioning various contestants. Quite surprisingly, these are actually pretty good actors. They are super loud, and super annoying at times — like they are supposed to be — and they have been doing justice to their characters.

Watch the latest episode here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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