Exclusive: Ayushman DS Joshi Signs With Mumbai’s Top Talent Agency TOABH Management

Ayushman DS Joshi had been making quite a lot of trips to Mumbai lately, and there were rumors that he might be trying to get into Bollywood, India’s biggest film industry. It turns out, the rumors were true.

The actor who had debuted with Dipendra K Khanal’s Chapali Height 2 last year seems to have hit the jackpot as he has signed with one of India’s most prestigious talent management company TOABH Management Pvt. Ltd. According to Raveena Desraj Shrestha, his mother and manager, Ayushman signed a deal with the company on Monday and will soon be seen doing a number of modelling projects and even films.

“It’s huge. In a first, a Nepali has signed with such a reputed international agency and I couldn’t be more proud”, Shrestha told NeoStuffs. The agency that is otherwise very strict with their contracts, has agreed on to let Ayushman work in Nepal as well even during his contract period with the agency.

Ayushman will be coming to Nepal on Tuesday this week and will be staying for a couple of days before returning to Mumbai and starting to work with the agency. His second Nepali film ‘Katha Kathmandu’ is to release this year.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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