This Week’s Thursday Night Episode Of Nepal Idol Was Crazy Good, Crazy Good!

Phew! The 26th episode of Nepal Idol that aired on AP1 TV last night was one heck of an episode!

The special episode had seven celebrity guests – the idols of the seven contestants – who actually sang together with them on stage.

The opening act of the night was performed by Suraj Thapa along with his idol Bishwa Nepali who sang ‘Bhana Ke Chha Bandobasta’ together. The beautiful performance earned Thapa a standing ovation by all the three judges.

Suraj Thapa’s performance was followed by a wonderful act by Sagar Ale along with Mingma Sherpa who sang one of Sherpa’s biggest hits ‘Aasu Jhardina Ma’. The three judges couldn’t help but give this performance a standing ovation as well.

Pratap Das was next on stage who performed ‘Kina Dukhchha’ along with the original singer and his idol Shiva Lamichhane C-Waz who also happens to be the founder of Kripa Foundation and the producer of  Kripa Unplugged TV show. The three judges didn’t only give Pratap a standing ovation but also appealed to the viewers to vote for him.

Pramila Rai along with the rockstar Ciney Gurung performed ‘Yo Mann’ next on stage. A rocking performance it was that received a standing ovation from all the three judges.

Singer Sanup Paudel joined Nishan Bhattarai on stage to sing ‘Daiba Hey’, a soundtrack from ‘Manjari’ composed by the judge Kali Prasad Baskota himself. The beautiful performance won Nishan a standing ovation from all the three judges.

Buddha Lama and Kamal Khatri were the next to perform. They sang the soothing ‘Tasbir’ together. And of course, a standing ovation from all the three judges was waiting for Buddha right after the performance was over.

The closing act of the night was performed by Sujata Pandey and Yubaraj Chaulagain who sang a soundtrack from November Rain called ‘Timilai Ke Bhanu’. All the three judges gave Sujata a standing ovation for the performance.

Well, the episode was not over yet as the Yamaha Saluto Performer of the Day was yet to be announced; and it was Nishan Bhattarai who won the title along with a Yamaha guitar.

A beautiful episode it was!!

You can watch the full episode HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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