This Short Film Accurately Reflects The Youth’s Dilemmas

Inline Creation Records in collaboration with Emerald Entertainment have released a short film titled ‘Samaya Ra Paristhiti 2’, a sequel to 2014 short film ‘Samaya Ra Paristhiti’. The film follows the regular struggles and challenges faced by the protagonist, played by Avash Karmacharya. While the original film focused on talking about the everyday challenges like the pollution, load-shedding and fuel shortage, among others; the sequel has the lead character stuck in a dilemma — whether to stay here or leave for abroad — a dilemma that’s quite common among the youth.

Written by Shreshan Shrestha, Avas Karmacharya and Abhishek Rajbhandari; the film that also stars Rupesh Malla, Sujit Singh, Merina Shrestha and Aaina Gajurel is shot by Sujan Joshi and Shreshan, and directed by Shreshan.

Watch the 18-minute-film here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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