Is AP1 TV Bringing ‘Got Talent’ Franchise To Nepal?

If there were proper tools to measure TRP (Television Rating Point) in Nepal, AP1 TV’s singing reality show ‘Nepal Idol’ would most probably be leading the chart. The first international franchise TV show to come to Nepal has become extremely popular in short span of time, and the newly launched television channel would definitely want to maintain the viewership that it has been enjoying, even after the end of the first season of the show in September (or October) this year. So, what’s next then? Looks like AP1 has it covered.

The channel announced a new international franchise TV show on its Facebook page on Saturday last week, without actually revealing the name of the show.

“Another Interesting International Franchise TV Show coming soon Exclusively on AP1 HD, Any Guesses? We will try to match to your expectations. So please give us right and practical feedback too”, the channel wrote.

And that kept us wondering what TV show it might be that AP1 is set to launch and the closest answer we could come up with is Nepal’s Got Talent. 

Here’s Why.

AP1 had bought the franchise rights for Nepal Idol from FermantleMedia India, the producers of various reality shows including Indian Idol. Reportedly; the officials at FermantleMedia India who initially had doubts about Nepal Idol’s success are now happy and staisfied with the kind of popularity that the show is enjoying. And that’s the very reason why we think that AP1 and FermantleMedia would be teaming up again to bring a new show to Nepal.

Let’s take a look at some of FermantleMedia India’s successful reality TV shows: Indian Idol, X Factor India, India’s Got Talent, Savdhaan India, and Aamna Saamna among others. Now, as Idol franchise has already been launched, AP1 would not want to bring the X Factor franchise within such a short gap between the two shows, both of them being singing reality shows. Plus, another music related show called ‘Rana Bhumi’ featuring ‘The Unity’ rapper Aidray is soon to start its broadcast on the channel.

On the other hand; Savdhaan India and Aamna Saamna aren’t exactly international franchise shows; leaving us with the closest option of India’s Got Talent, which will become Nepal’s Got Talent if it comes to Nepal.

If it’s actually the ‘Got Talent’ franchise that AP1 TV is talking about; we must say, that would be a brilliant decision. The British, American and Indian versions of the show are quite popular in Nepal already, and people would enjoy the Nepali adaptation even more, most probably.

What exactly is ‘Got Talent’?

Created by Simon Cowell, the show was launched in Britain as Britain’s Got Talent in 2007. But it was the show’s success in America that is credited with the global launch of the Got Talent franchise. The format was named the world’s most successful reality TV format ever by the Guinness World Records in 2014, with adaptations in over 58 countries around the world.

The best thing about the Got Talent format has been its flexiblity. Nobody knows what you are going to do on the stage until you start your act, because you can actually do whatever you like, whatever you’re good at, and show the world what you have got in you.

We’re not sure if our speculation is correct or not, but we’re excited already. Go AP1 TV, make it happen!!

[UPDATE: You guys, this is really happening. AP1 TV officially announced it through its Facebook page. Nepal’s Got Talent is a real thing now!]

Cover Photo: America’s Got Talent/NBC


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