Pradeep Chapagain Releases Second Music Video From Debut Album

Pradeep Chapagain who had released the first song from his debut album ‘Quarter Tone’ in July last year, has now released the second music video. The song titled ‘Alag Alag’ is written by Pradeep and sung by himself along with Aakanshya Bashyal. Rikesh Gurung has arranged the song composed by Kamal Khatri, and Maheshwor Man Rajbhandari  has mixed and mastered it. The music video that has Nirajan Pradhan and Prasamsha Bhattarai is shot by Arjun Tiwari, directed by Bishal Bhandari and edited by Nishan Ghimire.

Apart from ‘Mann Parcha’ and ‘Alag Alag’ that have already been released, there are six more songs in Quarter Tone.

Watch the music video here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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