Priyanka Karki Celebrates Birthday With Her ‘Angels’ & ‘Gems’

Priyanka Karki who turned 30 on February 27th this year celebrated her birthday with her most special group of fans. For all the love she is showered with by fans, she has a special way to show them what they all mean to her and how much she appreciates their support. Every time she hits a milestone on her Instagram handle, she chooses some of her most admiring followers. She first chose seven girls when the count of her followers reached 100k; then she chose some more when she reached 200k and 300k. She currently has 31 such special fans whom she calls ‘Angels’ (girls) and ‘Gems’ (boys).

To celebrate their favorite star’s birthday; these special fans, some of whom reside outside Kathmandu and travelled all the way to the capital, gathered at Mike’s Restaurant. Nine ‘angels’ and five ‘gems’ were there to celebrate with the ‘Chhakka Panja’ actress herself. She even gifted them all a book — Alice In Wonderland to girls and The Little Prince to boys; and a personalized cup with their names on them.

“Each one of them mean a lot to me and I wanted to let them know that I love them very much. They are the wind beneath my wings and they make me who I am today”, Karki told NeoStuffs.

See the celebration in pictures here.

Looks like a lot of fun, eh?

Happy birthday, Priyanka. Keep slaying!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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