Dear Friends At Busabout, Here’s The Applicant From Nepal We Recommend You To Consider

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Dear friends at Busabout, we’re pretty sure you’ve been getting a lot of applications from good candidates from around the world to apply for the ‘best job in the entire world’. We too have a candidate here from Kathmandu who we would like to recommend you for the ‘Video Producer’ position.

Anup Sapkota is a Nepali filmmaker who has been doing what he does the best for almost a decade now. He also is a prominent YouTuber here in Nepal who runs quite some wonderful shows on his channel called ‘Channel Arbitrary’ that has over sixty-one thousand subscribers.

He uses a number of gears, including cameras Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70D, SOny A7SII with Metabones for Canon; lenses Canon 16-35mm F2.8 L Series, Canon 24-70mm, Canon 70-200mm IS, Canon 50 MM F 1.8, Samyang 85 MM; mics Rode microphone and Senheiser wireless pin mic; GoProHero 4 with almost all the mounts; and tripods Gorilla pod, Glidcam Devin Graham series, DJI Osmo and DJI Mavic. He is proficient in using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects software.

We, at NeoStuffs, have been observing his work for past three years and he has never let us down. Hence, we would like to recommend him and we hope you would consider his application seriously.

Here’s his video application that he shot and edited himself. The video amazingly captures the beauty and essence of the Nepalese capital.

Find him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thank You!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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