The Come Up S2: If You’re An Aspiring Rap Artist In Nepal, Here’s Your Chance To Make It BIG!

It’s hard to be an artist in Nepal, that’s a sad truth. And no, it’s not only the struggling artists we’re talking about here; even the mainstream, popular and well-known artists have to ‘struggle’ to survive in the industry. And when it comes to the rap artists, just plainly double the amount of struggles. It’s definitely not easy being a rap artist in Nepal — you’ve a very limited audience because the genre still has to grow quite a lot here; which simply means, less hits on your songs online, less chances of performing at events and of course, less chances of making money out of your passion. That’s not it; you go to a singing competition, they will reject you in the audition because they don’t get your genre no matter how ‘lit’ you are. There are very few platforms for Hip Hop artists in Nepal and that’s the very reason why every single one of them matters.

One such platform, most probably the biggest in Nepal that creates opportunities for the artists in this genre, has come back with its second season. You got it right, TEC Records is here again with The Come Up. The competition is exclusively open for the rap artists only. TEC has produced and released five original beats; ‘City Lights’, ‘Couple Hundred Bands’, ‘FWM’, ‘Jingle’ and ‘No Lie’; and one will have to choose any one of them to rap on and record their song. The entries would be open from April 1st and till then you can be ready with your song that you will be submitting.

“We’ve released some beats that the participants can download and record a verse on them. There’s no language barrier or any audio standard that needs to be met. It can be recorded on phone as well”, Bipashyana Shrestha, CEO at TEC Records told NeoStuffs, “That would be the first round, out of which 20 semi-finalists will be picked and there will be two more rounds before we choose the winner.”

The winner of the competition with Ruslan FM as its main sponsor will be walking away with a cash prize of Rs. 100,000 along with a record deal of two years worth Rs. 300,000 and  a deal of three music videos worth Rs. 500,000. The final event is scheduled to take place in June this year.

VZN and Tyrant had been signed to TEC Records label from the first season of The Come Up that had taken place in 2014.

So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THE BEATS FROM HERE and record a lit verse that will make your way straight to the semis. Good luck!

Cover Picture: CosherStudios

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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