Watch: Kristal Klaws’ “Bau Bajeko” Creative Dance Cover

Arguably the most creative dance crew from Pokhara, Kristal Klaws Dance Crew, have come up with a new dance cover. The crew that had won the ‘Nira’ dance cover competition last year can be seen performing on ‘Bau Bajeko’ song in their latest video.

The crew that has Sandesh ‘Ire’, Dev ‘KK’, Pragati ‘Jhalli’, Prabin ‘Ido’, Kushal ‘Bone Breaker’ and Sudhir ‘ZT’ always come up with some creative ideas on their videos. They had done an amazing stop-motion sequence in their ‘Nira’ dance cover and now they have a sequence where they are dancing through various electronic stuff, which looks very cool.

The song performed by Mohit Munal and Sunita Thegim is written and composed by Bashudev Munal for upcoming film titled ‘Jaalo‘. Watch the video here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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