This Dancer’s Performance Of ‘Thamel Bazar’ In A Public Event Is The New Low

Generally, we’re very open to art, in whatever form it might be. And we do realize that sometimes an art may contain some nudity and that’s completely okay as long as it suits. But there’s a thin line between nudity or sensuous and vulgarity. It might look like sensuous till a moment but as soon as you cross a certain point, it becomes vulgar. And that’s what happened in a Nepali event held in Malaysia on the occasion of lunar new year and the irony is, the event was named ‘Unique Sansakrtik Dhamaka – 4’ (Unique Cultural Program).

In a video posted by Kabindra Kulung Rai who was present in the audience during the performance, we can see a performer ‘NOT’ dancing to ‘Thamel Bazaar’ song but just taking off her clothes and doing some extremely vulgar moves. We have no idea how the organizers define the word ‘Sanskritik’ (Cultural) but for us, this performance looks miles away from cultural. Comedian and actor Suleman Shankar ‘Ikku’ too can be seen dancing along with her.

This is just too bad and hopefully, organizers realize that they made a mistake by having such a disgusting performance at the event and never repeat it. Here’s the video.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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