Just In Case You Were Wondering; No, Sir Elton John Is NOT In Nepal


We actually can’t stop laughing right now and we don’t exactly know how to feel about it. Sigh! Wonder what it’s all about?

So, this is what happened in Kathmandu last night.

Now, before you get excited and run all around the house screaming, “OMFG! Elton John is in Nepal”, let us just make it VERY CLEAR that the 69-year-old singer is NOT IN NEPAL but some doppelganger is who has been thoroughly enjoying some ‘celebrity’ time and free drinks in Kathmandu.

As a matter of fact, Sir Elton John is currently in Portugal where he along with his band are scheduled to perform tonight at MEO Arena in Lisbon.


Either some clubs in Kathmandu were fooled by this look-alike or they are trying to fool people to get their place crowded with folks who have no idea what does the real Elton John exactly look like. No matter what the case is, YOU don’t get fooled. Okay bye!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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