This ‘A Capella’ Version Of Nepali National Anthem Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today

“Sayaun Thunga Fulka Haami” was adopted as the national anthem of Nepal in 2007. Written by Byakul Maila and composed by Amber Gurung, the anthem has been covered in various styles by a number of artistes around the world. A beautiful version of the anthem that was covered and performed by Queensboro Symphony Orchestra in New York had won our hearts last year. And now a fresh new version, this time an A Capella, is the latest favorite.

A Capella basically means unaccompanied music, usually vocal music without other instruments providing the background. Bibash Poudel has released an A Capella version of ‘Sayaun Thunga’ and we must say, it’s something absolutely unique and amazing.  The version also features Deepa Ghimire on vocals. The video shot and directed by Aashiq Regmi stars the two artistes in various Nepali attires.

We loved the performance. Watch it here and let us know what you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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