In Just 7 Minutes, This Guy Accurately Explains Why Nepalese Are Not United: Watch

No matter how much we chant “Himal Pahad Tarai, chhaina kohi parai” (Regardless of which part of the country we live in, we all are equal); deep inside we all know and we’ve been seeing what the reality is. Over hundred castes and ethnic groups, over 90 languages and half a dozen of different religions – these are the demographics of Nepal. And we’ve been always trying to prove everyone else that we are better than the people of other castes, religions and regions. And no, we’re not talking about the uneducated people but some of the most educated ones who too have been practicing the same. You see, the problem is not always with our political leaders; sometimes it’s us, the people, who need to be blamed.

Gunadhish Khanal is a student in Germany from Chitwan. He has recently come up with a video titled ‘Hypocrisy in Nepali virtual society’ which features you, yes you reading this right now. The 7-minute-video doesn’t preach on why and how we should be united. Instead, it brings out the bigger picture on why we are not united. The video shot from a cellphone and edited on Windows Movie Maker is a very simple, yet a powerful video that has Khanal saying some of the most common dialogues we always say, or have said. No matter how educated you are and how liberal you are; we are pretty sure that some of the dialogues stated in the video might remind you of the time when you said the same.

Here’s the video. Strong language has been used in the video and hence, viewer discretion is advised.

Talking about the video, “People appear to be very different on social media than in real. They are plainly hypocrites. It was never a good time to observe social media hypocrites than during the Madhesh movement. Leaders, journalists, followers, agitators, opponents, nationalists, NRNs, and even lowly tweeter eggs were exposed,” Khanal told NeoStuffs. “And you know what, it appears as if hypocrisy unites us together. I should not even claim the video because I plagiarized everyday material from our own social media.”

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