Woman In Kathmandu Buys An Ambulance To Help Injured Street Dogs

Sneha Shrestha is a travel agent by profession, and a genuine animal lover at heart. Four years ago, somebody poisoned her dog and as she couldn’t bear the loss; she started taking care of and feed street dogs which made her happy, and the rest is history. She now has a registered charity called Sneha’s Care which is completely dedicated to help street dogs and another animals in need of help.

sneha_ hit & run case rescued and under treatment
A dog hit by a car being treated
sneha_acid attacked
A dog attacked by acid being treated
sneha_feeding street dogs
Feeding street dogs

She has also made a dog shelter in Chobhar which is home to around 50 dogs currently.

Lunch time!

Sneha had been feeling a need for an ambulance of her own since a long time as out of over 50 daily calls from people informing her about injured dogs, she could only help 8-10 of them in lack of a proper vehicle with necessary equipment. That’s when she decided to start collecting donations for the ambulance and finally was able to buy one recently.

The ambulance that cost Rs. 2,150,000 ($20,044 approx) had Rs. 825,191 from the donations and the remaining amount of Rs. 1,324,809 was contributed by Sneha herself.

ambulance 2


According to the latest government reports, there are around 30,000 dogs living on the streets of Kathmandu. These dogs are mistreated, beaten and some cases have also been seen when they were attacked by acid. Many of them also get into road accidents. Sneha’s care has so far helped over 3000 dogs. With the help of local vets and other volunteers who donate their time, over 2500 street dogs have been vaccinated, over 1000 dogs have been rescued and over 700 dogs have been neutered so far.

A dog taking a bath at the shelter
sneha_pourned hot water by someone
Somebody poured hot water on this dog. Being treated.
sneha_rabbies vaccination
Rabbies vaccination
sneha_spaying a dog at shelter's clinic
Spaying a dog at shelter’s clinic
sneha_sugar at wheel
A happy dog after the treatment

You can get connected with Sneha on her Facebook page or her website.

It’s the people like her who are making this world a better place. Respect!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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