Nepathya Brings The House Down In S. Korea, Plays Biggest Nepali Concert In Country

SEP 17, SEOUL: As South Korea is celebrating a 5-day-vacation for Chuseok, the biggest and most important festival in country, some of the most well known artists from Nepal were here to entertain over 25,000 Nepalese living in this country. On Thursday, Nepathya performed at KBS Arena in Seoul. Despite being one of the various Nepali events taking place on the same day, this particular event wasn’t only the most successful event of this season but most probably the most successful Nepali event in Korea so far.

Started playing at 4 PM, the legendary band that has been entertaining us for over two and a half decades now, rocked the stage for two continuous hours in the sold out event that witnessed the most number of audiences ever in a Nepalese event in S. Korea. Nepathya is probably the only band that can make you sing, dance, smile, laugh and cry in one single gig — and that’s what happened. While people sang and danced to numbers like Resham, Taal Ko Paani, Bheda Ko Oon Jasto, Jogale huncha Bhet among others; many of them got emotional when Amrit Gurung started singing Jeevan Ho Ghaam Chhaya while there was a slideshow on the big screen behind him, showing the photographs of the people who are suffering — suffering from extreme poverty and diseases. Now, that’s one of the most beautiful things about a Nepathya concert, we get to see a lot of unseen pictures taken by the frontman, Amrit Gurung, from every single corner of the nation.

The folk rock band will tour to United States later this month.

Here, we’ll leave you with some stills from the event.





nepathya-6 nepathya-7




Well, here’s a short clip from the concert. Enjoy!



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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