Nepal, Let’s Not Turn Streets Into Rivers Of Blood Like In Bangladesh, This Dashain!

A strange and gory scene was seen in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Tuesday after the streets turned into ‘rivers of blood’. Thousands of goats, sheep and cows were slaughtered on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. However, heavy rain on Tuesday, combined with the city’s poor drainage, resulted in highly unsanitary conditions.

Images and videos from the city soon started to hit the internet and got the attention from the entire world.

Photo: DhakaTribune
Photo: DhakaTribune

Now look at these pictures from the streets of Kathmandu taken today on Sunday.

Photo: MediaNP
Photo: MediaNP
Photo: MediaNP

Due to the heavy rainfall on Saturday night, the streets of the Nepalese capital have turned into rivers today. Now our concern is, as the longest Nepalese festival Dashain is approaching, we are afraid that we might witness something similar like in Dhaka in the streets of cities in Nepal as well. It has been raining quite heavily in various cities for quite some days now and our drainage systems are not up to the mark. So, what if the animal sacrifices performed during Dashain results in something similar?

We can’t actually tell people how they should celebrate the festival or what they should eat but we definitely want all of them to be concerned about sanitation. We hope Nepal doesn’t repeat what happened in Bangladesh and the concerned authorities will manage everything properly in coordination with the locals. Just make sure you do your part.

Happy Dashain!!

Cover Photo: DhakaTribune


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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