Naren Limbu Releases ‘Vanna Aaudaina’ Sequel And Well, We’ve Something To Say!

Who remembers ‘Vanna Aaudaina’? Pfft! Such a stupid question that is. Of course, everyone does and everyone still loves the song dearly and that’s why it is one of the most popular Nepali songs on YouTube with over 3.7 million views.


The 2012 song has now a sequel and seems like it took Naren almost four years to have the courage to tell her what he feels about her. His latest song ‘Mero Man Maa’ has been labelled as ‘Vanna Aaudaina II’ and we’re not exactly sure about how to feel about it. The description of the song says, “Found a couple of words, wrote some of them and gathered the courage to tell her. And that’s why I call this song ‘Vanna Aaaudaina II’.” First things first, we really think that a song is complete in itself and it doesn’t actually need a sequel. Sometimes an incomplete story is special but if you complete it, it might become ordinary. Plus, happy endings are quite too mainstream. The thing is, a lot of people could relate to ‘Vanna Aaudaina’ as it told their own story. There are lots of people who can never express what they feel about someone and keep on loving them without even letting them know. And that was the beauty of the song.

‘Mero Man Maa’ is an equally beautiful song and Naren Limbu succeeds in winning our hearts once again. But we don’t think it was necessary to label it as ‘Vanna Aaudaina’ sequel. We’re pretty sure that there are quite a lot of people who would disagree to our opinion. Looks like we like incomplete stories more than the complete ones. Anyways, let’s not debate on that because the important thing is, we’ve a beautiful new song. The song written, composed and performed by Limbu is arranged by Bizu Karmacharya. The music video starring Sanna Tsering Gurung is shot by Bryan Rai, edited by Binay Kansakar and directed by Naren Limbu himself. Wait, we just realized something. Naren couldn’t tell his feelings to Mala Limbu and after four years, he proposed Sanna instead. Just kidding! The music video is beautiful and Sanna looks gorgeous.

Watch the music video below and let us know what you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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