Mountain Runner Mira Rai’s Inspiring Story Is Now A Children’s Book In Singapore & Hong Kong

Founded by Chole Chick in 2014, Sisu Girls is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring girls to step into themselves through sports and adventure. A graduate from the University of Canberra, Australia; Chick was awarded Young Australian of the Year in the UK. She says, “We believe you can give girls all the opportunities, education, and experiences in the world, but if they don’t have the self-confidence to utilise those skills they will never reach their highest potential. We need girls to understand they can walk their own life journey with confidence.” ‘Sisu’ is a Finnish word that loosely means determination and courage in English.

The organization based in Singapore and Hong Kong that has not only been organizing various adventure activities for girls but also publishing inspiring story books based on the lives of female role models has recently released a book titled ‘Mighty Mira’ that tells the story of Nepali mountain runner Mira Rai. The third book to have published in the Sisu Book Series, it’s a hard cover and fully illustrated book written by Chloe Chick and illustrated by Natalie Kwee. Books titled ‘Fearless Frosty’ and ‘Brave Beachley’ that tell the tales of New Zealander mountain runner Anna Forest and the seven-time world surf champion Layne Beachley respectively have been earlier published in the collection stories about courageous females.

Photo: Sisu Girls

‘Mighty Mira’ is priced at AUD 35 (including shipping) and can be ordered online from HERE.

The mountain runner from Bhojpur, Nepal who has so far made Nepal proud at various mountain running competitions around the world had her knee surgery earlier this year in July after she had got injured during a race in the UK. Rai has been out of the trails this season and is likely to make a comeback early next year.

Mira Rai (Right) With Anna Forest. Photo: Jordi Saragossa/Salomon

It feels great to see Mira inspiring the world. We are proud of her!

Cover Photo: Sisu Girls


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