You Gotta Watch This 23-Minute-Documentary Of Nepalese Honey Hunters Harvesting ‘Mad Honey’

Did you know that there’s a kind of honey called ‘Mad Honey’ that gets you stoned? Sounds like a good stuff, right? Now that’s what we call ‘dope’ honey, literally, ahem! So what exactly is mad honey? Well, when bees pollinate rhododendron flowers, which happen to be Nepal’s national flower and is called Laali Gurans in Nepali, ‘mad honey’ is produced. It’s a toxin called ‘grayanotoxins’ found in these flowers that when pollinated by bees, cause a very rare poisonous reactions called honey intoxication or rhododendron poisoning. According to the honey hunters of Nepal, if a little amount of this honey is consumed everyday, it does good for your health. But if a larger amount is consumed, it can make you sick.

The team of Vice was in Nepal recently to film of the honey hunters in Lamjung. The 23-minute-documentary titled ‘The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate’ amazingly captures the hunters pulling off the job pretty well. Watch it below.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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