Fuzz Factory’s Music Video For Bikash Chamling Starring Saugat Malla Is Just Brilliant!

Fuzz Factory Productions are currently the only film-makers who make us want to talk about the music videos more than the the songs. But that doesn’t mean that the songs are any less beautiful than their music videos. These creative people always leave us wondering how do they always have the best songs to make music videos for. The latest work from the team is for a Sikkim based artiste, Bikash Chamling.

The song titled ‘Aaja Kina’ is written by Shailendra Singh ‘MAC’ and the music is composed by Rohit Shakya. Pefromed by Bikash Chamling, it’s an amazingly soothing number that automatically takes us back to the beautiful memories we have spent in the past. And now talking about the video, it does the same — makes us nostalgic. As you watch the video, you would wish you too had a door that would take you back to the most wonderful times you’ve spent and give you an opportunity to relive them all over again.

The music video starring one of the finest actors Nepali cinema has ever produced, Saugat Mall, and Muna Gauchan who was recently seen in ‘Chapali Height 2’ is directed and edited by Rohit Shakya. The story written by ‘Bijuli Machine’ actor Abhishek Subedi has been beautifully executed by the Fuzz Factory team. Full marks to make up artists Sukriti Yakthumba and Dorje along with stylist Karishma Subba who have done an amazing job with the appearance of the actors as they actually look like from the time they were intended to be shown. Overall, it’s a brilliant piece of work.

Watch it here and let us know what you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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