11 Reasons You Should NEVER Visit Pokhara. Nope, Just Don’t Even Think About It!

If you have visited Pokhara, we are sorry, you had to go through such a pathetic time. And if you haven’t, great, and don’t even think about going to this horrible, horrible place. Why? Alright, we will give you eleven reasons.

1. Ugly Landscapes

Look at this ugly view. I mean, who would want to travel all the way to see such an ugly view of a lake with the reflection of some stupid mountains in it. Like seriously!

feat pkr

And this!

Pokhara_ Bhakta Tamang
Photo: Bhakta Tamang

And in the evening, when the lake looks even uglier. Urgh!

anton jankovoy 3
Photo: Anton Jankovoy

2. Awful Sunsets & Sunrises

Just look at this sunrise. Who would instead of just sleeping, wake up early to see this? Pfft!

anton jankovoy 4

Just some white plain mountains, a sun and the same boring sunrise.

anton jankovoy 6

And then this sunset behind the lake. B-O-R-I-N-G!!

Pokhara_ arun sharma
Photo: Arun Sharma

3. Lame Adventure Sports

Pokhara is also known for the adventure sports it offers for all the adrenaline junkies.


Pokhara_ raaz kc
Photo: Raaz KC



Zip Flyer!

pokhara zip flyer


Pokhara_ pokhara canyoning ram gurung
Photo: Ram Gurung

And there are some more as well, such as ultra flight, heli ride, stand up paddle-boarding, para-hawking among others that I definitely don’t give a damn about. Who in the world would instead of finding all of them Pokemons, would be interested in such ‘useless’ adventures? WHO????

4. Dull Hiking

Another ‘useless’ stuff that people say is the best thing to do in Pokhara is hiking. I don’t even understand why would people want to walk a hill just to see such lame scenes.

Pokhara_ gobinda timilsina
Photo: Gobinda Timilsina

Seriously, what is wrong with the people? Haven’t they got anything better to do?

Pokhara_ Pratap gurung
Photo: Pratap Gurung
Pokhara_ drishti ummid
Photo: Drishti Ummid

Walk the whole goddamn mountain to reach Peace Pagoda? Hmm? Just go and sleep, and it will be peaceful anyway.

5. Boring Lakes

There are like eight lakes in Pokhara and the neighboring municipality, Lekhnath. So what? What do we do with them?

Pokhara_ sulabh bhattarai
Photo: Sulabh Bhattarai
Pokhara_ Vivek Shrestha
Photo: Vivek Shrestha



6. Gateway to Dumb Trekking Circuits And Villages

Annapurna Base Camp, Jomsom, Lo Manthang and various of other lame places can be reached from Pokhara. NOT EVEN INTERESTED, DUDE!

pkr 1

pkr 2

And some ‘beautiful’ villages such as Ghandruk, Dhampus and Sikles among others. NO, THANK YOU!



7. Irksome Caves

Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, Gupteshwor Cave and Kumari Cave are some of most popular tourist destinations in town. Seriously, dude? Who do you think I am? Flintstone? Ain’t nobody going to these dark and creepy dumb caves.

cave pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Wandering Marathoner.com
Photo: Wandering Marathoner

8.  Annoying Davis Fall

And then there’s this mundane water fall. Seriously, who has got so much time to go and see this dull fall?

davis fall youtube
Photo: YouTube

And then some people have so much time that they go inside a cave to watch this tedious fall from back. Pfft!


To make it even worse, there’s this wish pool around . Buhahahaah!

Pokhara_ rupace isar

9. Bird Watching For Boring People

With hundreds of species of birds found in and around Pokhara, some people love to go on bird-watching trips for days. Hahahahaha! Dude, from when did watching birds become an interesting activity?

bird rspb
Photo: RSPB

10. Unpalatable Food

The food is just Eew! Definitely not eating these.

food byanjan
Photo: Byanjan


11. Dreary Night Life, Music & Festivals

They say music runs in the veins of the people from Pokhara. Very funny, where does the blood run then, in pipe lines? Haa!


Pokhara_ diwas baral            shutterpsycho2015shutterpsycho2015DSC_5405


You have been warned!

All the photographs apart from the ones with credits mentioned are taken by Rishav. Follow him on Facebook & Instagram.
Cover Picture: Anton Jankovoy

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