There’s Something Amazing About This Photograph From Pokhara That You Haven’t Noticed Yet!

Guys, we’ve got a beautiful photograph all the way from Pokhara. Take a look! (Oh, it’s actually above this text and you have seen it already.)

Hmm! Looks good, right? But, you must be wondering, “Yeah, it looks good but what’s so ‘amazing’ about it?”

Well, take a closer look. May be you’ll find out.

What? You still can’t figure out what it is?

Give it one more try. Imagine that you’re Sherlock Holmes and there’s a clue hidden in this picture that will help you solve your case.

Okay fine, you gave up! So, here’s the thing, you might not believe this but this photograph is not original and has been flipped upside down.


And that’s your reaction right now!

You must be wondering how the original one looks like then. Simple, just flip your cellphone upside down. See? Amazing right? I told ya!

Wait, what? You are reading this on your laptop? Not a big deal, that must weigh like 2 kilograms max. You can easily flip it upside down. It’s been quite some time you’ve been to the gym, so some workout for you right there.

Oh come on, don’t tell me you’re reading this on your desktop computer! Like seriously? Alright, alright, just take some help from your friends, family, neighbors or just anyone and just flip that goddamn monitor upside down to see this. I am telling you, it’s totally worth it.

Wait, I’ve got an idea. What if I just show you the original photograph right here?

“Oh Neo, you are so kind!”

Yeah, yeah, I know right!

So here it is!

kiran 2

TADA! So, what do you think fellas?

Some spectacular photography right there, eh? The photograph is taken by Kiran Adhikari at the new international airport site in Pokhara. Talking about the photograph, he shared, “I was showing my friend around when I saw a pond of rainfall water and a pregnant cow standing still on the other side. I instantly had something in my mind and quickly took a picture. You can see the result now. I am happy with this one and it’s one of my favorite photographs.”

Good job, Kiran. It’s actually a splendid piece of work. Guys, you can see his other works on his Facebook page called Posing Himalaya and his Instagram handle.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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