What Do Nepalese Think of ‘Premarital Sex’? Let’s See!

‘Nepal Reacts’ show had quite an interesting topic this week. Making it a little different than the other episodes, the team had asked their viewers to send them a reaction video on the topic, “What do you think of premarital sex?” The reason also being not many people in public would be interested in giving their opinions on the subject. So the team came up with the episode with the clips submitted by the viewers and also some reactions taken in public by themselves.

Well, sex is not a much talked about topic in Nepal and it still is considered a taboo. Though most of the reactors featured in the video are urban Nepalese and we might tend to believe that the youngsters in cities are pretty much open about such subjects; it came as a surprise to see quite a lot of them against it and mainly because of the society. Hmm! Well, the reactions are pretty interesting – with some people directly opposing it to the others being absolutely cool about it.

So, before you watch the reactions, don’t you want to know what we feel about the subject? The gyaan begins now — When two adults are involved in something which is not illegal, doesn’t harm anyone physically, emotionally or in any other way; with both of their consent and without anyone’s pressure; we don’t think it should be taken as a crime or a sin. And the same thing applies with sex. Who are we to tell others how should they be living their lives? Who are we to judge them? Moral of the story – live and let others live the way they want to. So, the gyaan for today ends here. Let’s see what the people have to say. And also, do comment below what you think of the same. Chao!



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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