Here’s What Went Down At Comic & Cosplay Convention In Kathmandu

You might have seen some crazy looking people around Kathmandu and mostly near Tripureshwor area on Saturday and wondered who they were. Well, they were cosplayers who had transformed themselves into their favorite anime and comic characters for a cosplay event titled ‘Otaku Next COMCOSCON’. The event organized by Otaku Next on July 30th witnessed dozens of cosplayers and hundreds of visitors.

Here we have some photographs from the event.

ananda maharjan 1

synematico 26

synematico 25

synematico 24

synematico 23

synematico 22

synematico 19

synematico 20

synematico 21

synematico 18

synematico 17

synematico 16

synematico 13

synematico 14

synematico 15

synematico 12

synematico 11

synematico 10

synematico 7

synematico 8

synematico 9

synematico 6

synematico 5

synematico 4

ananda maharjan 6


siddhartha pudasaini

synematico 2

synematico 1

ananda maharjan 4

ananda maharjan 5

ananda maharjan 2


Pretty cool, right? Let us know who is your favorite cosplayer among these. Do comment below.

Photos: Synematico & Ananda Maharjan


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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