This Slam Poet’s Take On Our Education System Is Pretty Much On Point

Nepali education system often gets criticized for giving more importance to bookish knowledge than practical knowledge. It has always been about getting good marks in exams and winning the race rather than actually learning something. It doesn’t actually matter what your interests are and what you actually want to do in life when you grow up, you just have to obtain good marks in exams, that’s the whole purpose of your school life in Nepal.

I was a school teacher in a boarding school in Pokhara for some years and what I can tell from my experience is that we need to chill. These little children have been becoming the victims of our competitions. The schools are in competition with each other and all they care about is their students need to get better marks than everyone else. The school management pressurizes the teachers to get good results and in the same way, teachers have to do the same with their students. Believe me, it’s crazy out there. Seven or eight subjects, and loads and loads of assignments – that’s what it’s all about. The kids these days hardly have any time to even breathe.

Pointing out the same challenges of the students, slam poet/rapper Nephron has come up with a new video. In the 2-minute video, he talks about how a school bag sees the life of its carrier (student).

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this situation.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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