Looks Like Most Of The Youths Are In Favor Of Legalization Of Weed In Nepal. What’s Your Take?

This week’s episode of ‘Nepal Reacts’ was little different than all of its episodes so far. The reason being…

nepal reacts2
That’s one of the hosts, Anup Sapkota, flying high!

Yes! You got it right. For the first time, the team of Channel Arbitrary went outside Kathmandu to capture the reactions of people. This time around, they went to Pokhara and the topic was ‘Should Marijuana Be Legalized?’ And quite surprisingly or unsurprisingly, we are not sure, majority of the people interviewed were in favor of legalizing it.

Most of the Nepalese said it should be legalized.

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And so did the tourists.

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We really hope they have a good knowledge about it and know what they are wishing for. We don’t know much about marijuana, weed, gaanja or whatever you call it; and we are quite neutral on the subject. It’s your choice what you want to do with your body and your life, we are no one to judge. Just make sure you don’t harm anyone else. Having said that, it should not be legalized just for the sake of tourism. Of course, tourists will love to have it legally. They would even love it if they were allowed to shoot an elephant or a rhino and have a brothel in every corner. The thing is, they visit us for a week or two and it’s not them who have to face the consequences of it. Even if you are on a holiday, you would love to do some crazy and wild stuff. You would want to ‘try’ something you aren’t allowed to do in your country. That is why, if there are some other good reasons to legalize this thing, do it. But if it’s only because there might be rise in the number of tourists coming to the country once it is legalized, think about it well.

Let us know what are your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below. Watch the full episode here to see all the reactions.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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