Stuff On YouTube That Are Way More Entertaining Than Whatever You’re Watching On TV

We don’t want anyone to get offended when we say this, Nepali television scene is boring. It’s not a criticism but just an opinion as audience and we’re pretty sure that many people would agree with us on this. Every second channel is a news channel and every other channel too airs news every single hour. Of course we need to be informed about everything that is happening around us and the nation, but do we actually need every single channel to feed us the same thing? There’s no sports channel and not even a channel completely dedicated to Nepali music. So many good Nepali songs release online but for some reason they never make it to TV. We don’t mean to say that Nepali TV channels are useless; they are actually quite informative but not entertaining at all. Who doesn’t want to have an hour or two of a relaxing TV time after a long and tiring day of work, watching something that makes you forget all your problems for a while, but wait, we don’t actually have any shows like that. Sigh!

Thank god we at least have the internet and some groups of people, even some individuals, who are doing what these big TV people have failed to do — entertain us. So, this post is dedicated to all of those amazing YouTubers/channels who are creating some wonderful stuff for us. Today we talk about the shows, channels and the people who are doing whatever they can with very limited resources but are creating way more entertaining contents than the television industry. Let’s take a look (listed in a random order).

PS (Post Seismic) Zindagi

P.S. (Post Seismic) Zindagi is the first Nepali online sitcom that is currently streaming on YouTube. The web series that captures the lives of five youngsters living in Kathmandu after the April 2015 earthquake is created and developed by Kavita Srinivasan under the banner of Musumusu Productions. The series directed by Utpal Jha stars Rajkumar Pudasaini, Utpal Jha, Sujata Koirala, Kavita Srinivasan and Kalsang D. Lama.

The best thing about the series is how relatable the characters are. They pretty much talk, look and behave the way most of the urban youths can relate to. Three episodes of the 7-episode series are currently streaming on YouTube. Watch them HERE.

Sammy Adventures

Singer and media personality, Samriddhi Rai, has come up with an exciting web adventure series titled ‘Sammy Adventures’. The series will not only capture the beauty of various regions in Nepal but also guide you on how to reach these places and what activities to do there. The first episode of the the 8-episode series was recently released, that had an exciting trip to Chitlang and Kulekhani. Watch it HERE.

Nepal Reacts

Nepal Reacts is a weekly show by Channel Arbitrary that captures the reactions of celebrities and public on various topics. The best thing about the show is its interesting presentation. It not only makes us aware of various things but also thoroughly entertains us. Six episodes of the show have been currently streaming and a new episode gets released every Tuesday. Watch it HERE.

Me & My Guitar

Yet another show by Channel Arbitrary, ‘Me & My Guitar’ is all about good music. The show introduces us to some amazingly fresh and promising talents. The musical sessions with the artists are recorded in outdoor locations, which simply means that you get to hear some natural and genuine voices (no auto-tuning crap). Watch the show HERE.

Movers&Shakers (M&S VMAG)

M&S VMAG is undoubtedly the most professional and finest Nepali YouTube channel presently. The visual version of the weekly magazine captures the various sides of the print edition. These videos contain behind the scenes video of the cover page shoot, interviews with some inspiring personalities, event coverage, gadgets reviews and many more. Find the channel HERE.

Ur Style

Another team that offers a lot of entertaining contents to its viewers, Ur Style is one of the most loved channels. The channel that brings us some amusing short films to some quality music videos, has introduced us to various talents such as Prakriti Shrestha, Paul Shah, Barsha Raut, Amrit Dhungana, Alisha Rai and many more. Check out the videos HERE.

Nepali Pranksters & Pranskter Revival

Prank and social experiment videos are always fun to watch. They don’t only entertain us but also give us an insight on what kind of people are there in our society. These two channels – Nepali Pranksters and Prankster Revival are doing quite a good job with such videos. Find their videos – Nepali Pranksters | Prankster Revival.

Explore Gadgets

With whopping 315k subscribers, Explore Gadgets is one of the most most popular Nepali YouTube channel with the most number of subscribers. The channel that enjoys more viewers from around the world than from Nepal, as the name suggests, is all about gadgets. If you’re into tech, gadgets and video games; you just can’t afford to miss this channel. Find them HERE.

Yummy Nepali Kitchen

FOOD!! Okay, don’t we all just love food, and more particularly, Nepali food? Yum!! It’s always such a pleasure to go and eat at your favorite restaurant and even at home when someone prepares a  tasty meal for you. But cooking the meal yourself can sometimes be quite a pain in ahem! Hey, don’t you worry when Yummy Nepali Kitchen is here. As the name says it all, it’s all about the recipes of delicious Nepali cuisines. Find them HERE.

Apart from these teams, there are these talented independent YouTubers who are doing it all on their own and entertaining the people. Here they are!

Random Nepali

An advocate by profession, Rastra Timilsena creates some amusing videos in his spare time and publishes them on his channel ‘Random Nepali’. His videos are informative, entertaining and sometimes eye opening as well. Find the Kathmandu based YouTuber HERE.

Aayush Rimal

Unarguably one of the most popular independent Nepali YouTubers, Aayush Rimal is currently based in US. He comes up with some of the funniest videos, parody interviews, parody film trailers and sometimes some serious videos as well. He enjoys a whopping 41k subscribers on his channel. Find him HERE.

Cheerful Syanu

Based in UK, Sunita Gurung is quite a multi-talented YouTuber. In her ‘Cheerful Syanu’ channel, she regularly uploads makeup tutorials, food recipes and funny videos. Check out some of her videos HERE.

Sisan Baniya

This guy right here, Sisan Baniya, is our favorite. If you don’t know him yet, you’re missing quite a lot. His vines are on point and you will always relate to them, yes, always. And his videos, they are just pure gold. No matter how ‘boring’ a topic might be, he delivers it in such an interesting way that you not only watch the full video with a huge smile on your face, but at the end of it, you actually learn something important. Yes, he is that good. Find him HERE.

Anup’s Kitchen

Anup Bajracharya gives you some serious cooking goals. Currently based in USA, he comes up with some ‘mouth-watering’ video recipes. He seems to be cooking with such an ease that it looks like a piece of cake to cook just anything. His videos are short, simple and very useful. If you’re into food and cooking, you need to see his videos HERE.

Yeshi Lama

Yeshi Lama doesn’t actually need an introduction. The popular YouTuber who is loved for her comedy videos, dance videos, vlogs and fashion tips, is based in Germany. Daughter of popular comedian Dolma Hyolmo, she has over 34k subscribers on her channel. Find her HERE.

Promise Tamang Phan

This list will be incomplete without the most popular YouTuber of Nepali descent – Promise Tamang Phan. The US based make-up guru is more popular internationally than in Nepal. Famous for transforming herself and others into movie characters and celebrities; she has over four million subscribers on her channel. Yes, you read that right; FOUR MILLION subscribers. Find her HERE.

Sabin Karki aka Beest From ‘Cartoonz Crew’

The frontman of one of the most loved dance crews from Nepal, The Cartoonz Crew, Sabin Karki not only uploads the awesome dance videos of his crew but also some funny videos. The crew had not only represented Nepal at World Leisure Games 2015 in China but also won a Silver in Street Dance Competition. The popular b-boy enjoys quite a good number of 25k subscribers on his channel. Watch the videos HERE.

Not only these, but there are hundreds of other amazingly talented people who have realized what a powerful platform YouTube can be and are doing what they are good at to entertain the people. There are independent artists and bands who consistently come up with great music. It’s not possible to include them here as people have their own taste of music and they follow different artists. We would also like to give a quick shout out to Fuzz Factory Productions and Songs Nepal who consistently come up with some beautiful music videos. And there are channels like Highlights Nepal, OSR Digital, HiTech Entertainment and Budha Subba Digital which are completely dedicated towards Nepali films.

We almost have every kind of content we like on YouTube but there is always room for some more progress and improvement. And we really hope we will be watching some innovative new shows in future as well. We really wish for a quality stand up comedy show, not like those which make you bang your head on wall for their unnecessarily loud comedy, but some real and talented comics. We don’t want to demand for a lot, but an animated original series would be great as well, right?

Anyways, let us know if you think we missed to mentions any talented YouTuber who deserves to be in this list. Do comment below who your favorite is. And yes, don’t forget to bookmark this article, so that you know what to watch in your spare time. Enjoy!




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