Meet The Guy Behind ‘Random Nepali’: The Lawyer Whom We Love More As YouTuber!

Random Nepali is unarguably one of the most loved Nepali YouTube channels. What makes this channel stand out from dozens of others is the style of presentation of its videos. Not only are the videos uniquely presented but they are absolutely original and what you call ‘100% Nepali’. But there has always been this one thing that we have all wondered about, who is this guy behind all these cool videos? So, today we shall be revealing the identity of the person behind our favorite YouTube channel.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Rastra Bimochan Timalsena!


We recently talked to Rastra to know more about him and his channel. Excerpts.

Please tell us about yourself.

Hello! I am Rastra. I am an advocate by profession and I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Criminal and Commercial Law. I am originally from Kaski but have been living in Kathmandu all my life.

Tell us about your channel ‘Random Nepali’. How did you come up with the idea of it?

Well, it just happened very randomly. So, here’s the story: I opened the channel to post a very random video of a really cute kid which I deleted later but the channel remained. One day I thought of making a video and it was titled ‘How To Know You Are A Nepali’. I didn’t have much expectations from it but for some reasons people started sharing it and within some hours I had over a thousand views on it. It got me very excited and motivated. And since then I have made and uploaded a video almost every week excluding three months when I had my exams of Masters.

When was your first video uploaded?

It was back in August 2015.

Wow! You’ve achieved quite a lot in a duration of eight months. How do you feel about it?

I feel great and I feel absolutely honored to have such lovely viewers who have been watching and appreciating my work. It’s their love that gets me going.

Which role do you enjoy more – an advocate or a YouTuber?

Honestly, I enjoy being an advocate more. But I do love being a YouTuber equally. It provides me the freshness and energy that I need. Let’s just say, both the roles are equally vital to me.

If you have to choose any three of your favorite videos, which ones would they be?

Okay, it’s a tough one but here they are:

#1. Things 90’s Nepalese Kids Know Very Well

#2. Rato Ra Kalo Shirt Ra Nepal Ma Chaleko Aru Trends

#3. Girls Vs Guys in Carpool Kathmandu

Who is your favorite Nepali YouTuber?

Sisan Baniya for sure. I love the way he presents his contents. He conveys some serious messages in such a funny way that you don’t only get entertained but informed as well.

And who is your favorite international YouTuber?

Nigahiga, he is the best. He is the most creative and most hardworking YouTuber, as far as I know.

Thank you very much for your time, Rastra. At last there anything you would like to say to your viewers?

I am extremely happy with the responses I have been receiving and I will keep on trying my best to keep you all entertained. Please keep watching the videos and keep giving me feedback. That’s the only way I can get better with each of my new videos. It’s you who can help me get better by giving me honest feedback. And at last, a big thank you to every single one of you!

Well, that was Rastra from one of Nepal’s most loved YouTube channels – Random Nepali. Do follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected with all of his awesome works.

Comment below which one of his videos is your favorite one.


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