Here’s Why Lex Limbu, The Rajesh Hamal of Blogging, Will Always Remain #1

Admit it, you’ve admired the following profile picture more than any of yours.


When you see a post on Facebook with this profile picture on left, you’re immediately like, “Oh! I need to read this.” That’s the impression we all have of Lex Limbu — when he blogs, we read. Started blogging as pastime in his high school days, it has now become his identity. The UK based blogger celebrates his birthday today on May 6th and on this occasion, I just want him to know why he is everyone’s favorite blogger and will always remain so.

Redefined the meaning of independent blogger in Nepali blogosphere

It was Lex who made people believe in independent bloggers. He showed why it doesn’t matter if you are not a big media house but an independent blogger who is trying their best to keep the people informed. In a way, he opened the way for all the other bloggers who followed his path.


Many other bloggers have and will come into the scene but one thing is for sure, no one can ever take his place. He has attained the level, where he is now no more replaceable.

An inspiration, not a competition

Other bloggers might see each other as their competition and try their best to be better and faster than everyone else but they don’t see Lex as a rival. He is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for almost every independent blogger in Nepal.

Extremely honest and straight-forward

It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive the ‘magazine treatment’. Being a person who shares a lot of raw and natural photos, I was a bit taken back seeing this cover because let’s be real, where the hell are all my pimples. A little too air-brushed but that’s fine – the day with the #NAVYAATA team was fun, efficient and memorable. I liked the way I was being styled; quite a few outfits reflected my normal sense of style (or lack of) whilst this one on the cover was a little different – that was fun! My year and a bit more in #Nepal is coming to an end and it’s wonderful that I get to close this chapter of my journey by being a cover boy! Lastly, I definitely want everyone out there to be comfortable in their own skin, own body and being their own self. #NAVYAATAMagazine #lexlimbu #Magazine #Fashion #Blogger

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One of the best qualities I like about him is his honesty. He writes what he actually feels about someone or something. Honestly, sometimes we tend not to write something negative about someone in fear of offending them but Lex writes what’s in his heart. Just take his own photograph for example. The above cover of Navyaata magazine looks so good that he actually admits in public that the photograph has been ‘a little too air-brushed’.

Has a heart of gold

Handing over the donation to Sima Basnet, the Basantpur acid attack victim
Handing over the donation to Sima Basnet, the Basantpur acid attack victim

Lex has always been there for the people in need. He has a huge number of followers who believe in him and that is why he has always succeeded in raising funds online for the needy people and helped them with a fair amount of money.

The only celebrity blogger from Nepal

Courtesy: Movers&Shakers

Lex is unarguably the only independent blogger from Nepal who has attained the status of a celebrity. Whenever he is in Nepal, he often graces the cover of various magazines. And his fans always rush to take a photograph with him whenever they see him. Not only that, he is the only independent Nepali blogger to have a verified Facebook page.



Some people are good with writing but they can’t face the camera and vice versa. But this fellow right here is an all-rounder. As good as he writes, he is equally good in front of a camera as well.

The Rajesh Hamal of blogging scene in Nepal

These are the reasons why we call him the Rajesh Hamal of blogging scene in Nepal. There might be various others who are more active than him into blogging, but none of them are and never will be Lex The Super Blogger Limbu!

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Cover Photo: Navyaata


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