Rohit John Chettri’s ‘Sannani’ MV Will Make You Nostalgic For The Good Old ‘Mario’ & ‘Contra’ Days

Mom: “4 sitti lagepachhi gas bandh gar hai na birsikina.”
Me: “Huss.”

*After half an hour and mother’s arrival*

Mom: “Talai gadha, feri dadhalis daal! Gas maar vaneko hoina talai! Tero video game laai ta ma….”

Ahem! Does this conversation sound very similar? We got it right, eh? Those were the days, myaan! The 8 bit games and the world of our very own to forget about everything else in this entire world. The days when we had this thing called, life. Wait, we are supposed to talk about a new song here. Yeah, right! So, ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ singer Rohit John Chettri is back with a new song. The song titled ‘Sannani’ is written and composed by JackoWacko (cool name, eh?) and it features some amazing musicians such as Prince Nepali on Sarangi, Santosh Ghimire on tabla and percussion, Pratik Baniya on bass and Dev Lama on guitar. The song recorded at KatJazz Records is mixed and mastered by Manzil KC.
The song is good, of course ‘cos it’s Rohit John Chettri’s, but what takes the song to a complete new level is the 8 bit music video. This is probably the first Nepali music video to be made on 8 bit animation and man, it’s just too good. Fuzz Factory Productions, take a bow! The video will immediately take you on a trip down memory lane. The lead hero is John himself and his ‘heronee’ is Astha Chitrakar. And there are some ‘sadak chhap gundas’ as well in the story. And of course, there is an epic cameo of Rajesh Dai. Definitely a lot of hard work has been done by Rohit Shakya, Pratik Shakya, Prasit Sthapit, Rajan Shrestha, Pramesh Sherchan, Nhooja Tuladhar, Bandana Tulachan, Prabal Bikram Shah and Aneel Neupane on the video. And dayum, this is officially the longest article we have written about any song. That sums up how much we liked the work. Watch the music video below and let us know what you think of it.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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