9 Kinds of Nepalese You’ll Find Abroad

Nepalese are everywhere, there must be very few countries in the world where you won’t find one. Today we will be introducing you to nine kinds of Nepalese you will find in any corner of the world.

#1. The ‘Calculator’


It’s quite common for everyone to convert the local currency to NPR to see how much they are spending on something and compare the prices here and back home. But the ‘calculator’ would convert the prices of even the smallest things, for instance a pack of chewing gum. “Javo ek packet chewing gum lai ni 500 rupya yaar.”

#2. The ‘Chef’


There would always be a person in your circle who is a masterchef when it comes to Nepali food. Whenever you miss ‘ghar ko khana’, you pay them a visit. “Oye ma tero ma aauna lako, ke khuwauchas?”

#3. The ‘Nepali Timekeeper’

Nepali time

The term ‘Nepali Time’ is probably one of the most infamous terms, which is used when someone is not punctual. This ‘great’ tradition is followed by some Nepalese even when they are abroad and are always late for everything. Sometimes they are so literally on Nepali time that they would arrive after a couple of hours and say, “12 baje aauna vaneko hoina? Nepal ma 12 bajeo ni aile thyakkai.”

#4. The ‘Passionate Artist’


Not everyone gets to work in the field of their expertise or their interest in a foreign land. But these passionate people always take out time for things they love to do, no matter how hectic their schedule is.They would create music, make films, take photographs, write or do anything that makes them happy.

#5. The ‘Social Worker’


These are the people who are always worried about Nepal, no matter where they are. They would be the first ones to start fundraising or do charity events whenever there is a need of some funding for any urgent cause in Nepal.

#6. The ‘Politician’


These people would always be actively involved in Nepali politics in some ways, no matter if they are in Nepal or abroad. They would conduct meetings, rallies, fundraising events and do the needful for the support of their political party in Nepal.

#7. The ‘Know-It-All’

knwo it all
This is the person who knows about every single detail of anything that has happened or is happening in Nepal. They are the first ones who we call when we have to find out any information about back home.

#8. The ‘Always Serious Dude’


There would always be this person who is always worried and serious. They would not attend parties and events and won’t meet many people. They would just always do what they are here for. “Ma yaha bidesh ma moj garna aaayeko hoina ke.”

#9. The ‘Party Animal’
party animal

This is the person who is always up for a party or any kind of enjoyment. You don’t remember when was the last time you had seen them serious or worried. They are the ones to always say, “Hya! Testo javo exam ko baal vayena, hid jaam baru yesso bahira dulera aau.”

So, does any of these categories remind you of someone? And how about yourself, which one of these are you? Do comment below and let us know if you can think of other kinds as well.

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