Sporting Long Hair & Getting Pierced is Now ‘Legal’ in Nepal

You might call me crazy and it might sound too lame if I tell you that it’s now legal to grow hair and get piercing in Nepal. Your question to me is definitely, “When was it even illegal?” Can you try and remember a campaign by the police in Kathmandu back in February 2013 when they were taking the men with long hair and piercings into custody and had chopped off their hair and took off their piercings? 711 men were taken into custody in a single day on February 26th. Subash Lamichhane and Bikalpa Rajbhandari from Law Students Society had filed a case against this action in the Supreme Court and finally after 2 and a half years later, the final verdict is out. On September 2nd, a panel of jury members consisting of Kalyan Shrestha and Om Prakash Mishra passed a verdict that it’s an individual’s freedom of choice to grow hair or wear any kind of jwellery; and nobody should be taken into custody for the same.

Well, better late than never, eh? Of course I know what you guys are thinking now: “Can’t motorbike modification too can be legalized?” And the list goes on, right? Keep on dreaming folks and who knows, your wishes might come true someday.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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