Nepalese Billionaire Binod Chaudhary Graces Cover of Forbes Asia

The Founder President of Nepal’s largest multi-national company ‘Chaudhary Group’ and the first billionaire of Nepal – Mr. Binod Chaudhary graces the cover of Forbes Asia magazine’s september issue. The cover story written by Susan Cunningham enlightens about his business ventures along with the charity works he and his organization have been involved in, especially after the devastating earthquake; which makes him among the Top 40 philanthropists of the year.

Since then Nepal’s first billionaire has pledged $2.5 million through his Chaudhary Foundation to restore schools and homes destroyed or damaged by the quake. The foundation will bear all the costs of building 1,000 transitional bamboo-and-plaster homes and is working with other donors to construct another 9,000. By last month it had completed 300; the aim is to complete construction of 3,000 by October. On its own, the foundation also will rebuild or restore a total of 100 community primary schools in the 12 districts.
The 20-year-old foundation has sponsored more than 350 scholarships in Nepal and underwritten eye care for thousands of the elderly poor. It also operates two charity hospitals and supports youth sports, vocational training, micro-enterprises and the arts.

You can read the full story titled ‘Binod Chaudhary Helps Rebuild Nepal’ HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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