These Ideas Were Created For April Fools’ But They Are Darn Creative

You must have fooled or at least tried to fool someone today on April Fools’ Day or someone other might have fooled you. There can be so many cool ways to fool others and sometimes it amazes us that how can some people be so creative at performing pranks.

Popular website Sasto Book too came up with a creative idea to fool (entertain mostly) their readers. They came up with an idea of some twists in five of Nepal’s most popular monuments. Take a look at them below.

#1 Cable Car Ride Inside the Airport


All you frequent fliers know that a plane waits for no one especially, when we are talking about international flights. It is not your local tempos or microbuses, which will wait for passengers until the seats are fully occupied and the heavy Kathmandu traffic does not help either. After quite some members from the ministry started missing their flights, the Government has taken action. Cable cars will soon be rolling in and out of the airport transporting passengers directly into terminals. As you say goodbye, you will now be able to take that one last long look at the beautiful valley too. Talk about a beautiful farewell eh?

#2 Dharahara Roller Coaster


Dharahara may have gone through a transformation twice but it will soon be going through another transformation. No, we are not talking about another earthquake. The brave hearted will be delighted to hear that the Government has planned to install a “drop towerin” the Dharahara. Yep, prepare to scream your heart out and experience the gut wrenching throwing up afterwards!

#3 Phewa Taal Boathouse


Nothing beats a romantic holiday more than spending some alone time with your loved ones without the prying eyes of the society eh? So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a boathouse before the season peaks. Since the Outstanding Organizing Pokhara Society confirmed that there will now be boathouses in Pokhara, people are rushing to book boathouses for themselves. You don’t have to dream of going to Kerala or Kashmir for a romantic experience on the boathouse. Soon, people will be floating on the Phewa waters and flying to cloud nine.

#4 Digital Ghantaghar


Ghantaghar is a national pride, a clock tower that is public to everybody and a pretty sight to the eye. You may not have a watch but you will always be able to tell the time. The Ghantaghar gives quite a competition to the Big Ben but, at an age when a digital Apple Watch costs more than the Rolex, the Nepalese Government decided that our public watch needs an upgrade as well. The Rotary Club of Silicon Valley has sponsored the undertaking grand commissioned the clock in the Ghantaghar to be digitalised before the year ends. The best part is that random quotes will be voiced over from the tower every hour to motivate the people.

#5 Naryanhiti National Zoo


Narayanhiti was once a royal abode for the crown family but soon it will be the humble abode of the animal kingdom. The National Trust for Nature Conservation has released a statement saying that the Narayanhiti Museum will be converted into a National Zoo within the next 3 years. But who’s kidding? It will probably take about 10 years. Nevertheless, the NTNC has assured that the new zoo will have an addition of 18 species of animals making it a total of 130 species in Nepal’s only zoo. The land at Jawalakhel, that houses the current zoo, will be converted into a botanical garden.

Don’t you think these ideas are awesome? Which one of these five is your favorite? Do share your experience of April Fools’ Day in the comment section below.

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