Sandeep Pokhrel Wins Title of Mr. Nepal 2015

KATHMANDU, APRIL 5: Sandeep Pokhrel was announced the winner at the grand finale of Mr. Nepal 2015 that was held on Saturday at Army Officers’ Club in Kathmandu. Pratik Lalwani and Milan Shrestha were declared First and Second Runner-Ups respectively.

The 21 year old, originally from Gorkha and currently based in Kuleshwar is an under-graduate student at Apollo International College. Sharing his joy with NeoStuffs; Pokhrel said, “I am extremely happy to have won the title and I hope I would be able to do justice with it. I feel proud that I made my parents proud. I would like to thank all my well-wishers for supporting me. I dedicate this success to each one of you.”

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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