Ayushman Joshi and Mala Limbu on M&S Valentine’s Special Cover

The season of love is here and to make it even more romantic, Movers & Shakers has spread love all over their latest issue. Yes, the 66th issue is all about Valentines and love. And making the issue even more special is the duo of Ayushman Joshi and Mala Limbu on the cover. The two amazingly good looking people look even more gorgeous together. Sanjog Rai is the man behind the camera; hair and make-up is done by Sakil Kunwar and Dorian-D has styled the duo.

Grab a copy of the issue for all the beautiful features of this special edition. Watch behind the scenes from the photoshoot on the 56th episode of Movers & Shakers show below. Do not forget to share your views in the comment section below.

P.S. Mala Limbu’s debut film ‘One Way’ is released today. Do watch the film at your nearest theater.

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