Oshin Sitaula Dazzles The Cover of M&S | Behind The Scenes Video

The cover of the 62nd issue of Kathmandu Post Movers & Shakers features none other than the presenter of M&S Channel – Oshin Sitaula and she has beautifully pulled off the winter attire. M&S Channel is now a year old and the best person who could be featured on the cover of the anniversary issue was undoubtedly Oshin who has been an amazing presenter since the beginning. Sanjog Rai has shot the cover; Sophie Gurung has done her hair and make-up and Dorian D has styled her.

Watch behind the scenes from the shoot and listen to Oshin about her experience with Movers & Shakers so far on the 52nd epsiode of M&S below. (Beware: Listening to what Oshin has to say about her boss might make you hate your boss even more.)

Happy Birthday M&S Youtube Channel. Congratulations & Best Wishes to the entire team!



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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