Aman Pradhan: The Youngest Rockstar of Nepal

Aman Pradhan is probably the youngest Nepali singer who has established himself as a professional singer at the age of 15. The Kathmandu based singer started his musical journey at an age of 4 when he sang a jingle for a commercial for ‘Fucche Noodles’, followed by various other jingles. He sang with various established singers untill he recorded his own very first original single ‘Mero Nepal’ at the age of 9. The patriotic song was later included in his debut album ‘Aman – The Rockstar’ in 2010. The album earned an instant popularity among the music lovers. He released his second album named ‘Rockstar Reloaded’ in 2014. ‘Rock The World’, another of his album is in the making and will be out soon among the Nepali music lovers.


Music videos of various of his songs have been released so far which includes Rockstar, Mero Yo Mann Timro Kalo Keshma, Sanjh Bihani, Charcha Chalyo and Timi Manana (Baby I Love You Vanana). Aman has been touring all over the nation for various concerts. He became the youngest singer to achieve an award when he won one at the 16th Image Music Award for his song ‘Mann’ along with Axata Adhikari.


Born to musician Rahul Pradhan and Bijyata Shrestha Pradhan on Dec 11, 2000 in Kathmandu; at an early age Aman knew what he wanted to do in his life. The 8th grader at Shridiwa International School, is inspired by western musicians like John Mayer, Justin Beiber, One Direction and Taylor Swift.


About his future plans, he wants to give continuity to his musical journey and he dreams to be an international rockstar someday and looking at his progress at such a young age, it looks like he will fulfill his dream in the near future.


Watch some of his music videos below and comment below what you think of him. And do follow him on his official facebook page to stay updated with his latest works at AMAN PRADHAN.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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