Meet Anmol KC & Anna Sharma in Pokhara

There’s a good news for the fans of Anmol KC and Anna Sharma in Pokhara. The entire cast of ‘Jerryy’ – Anmol KC, Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma, Samrat P. Gauchan, Abhishek Man Sherchan and the director Hemraj BC will be present in an event called ‘Friday Night with Jerryy Cast’ at ParaLounge (Paradise Restaurant & Bar), Lakeside tonight on Friday, Nov 28th. The fans will be able to meet their favorite stars at the event that will start at 7 PM.

‘Jerryy’ was released on Nov 14th and has been doing very good. The film has grossed over Rs. 2 crores in two weeks.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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