Nepal Kite Festival in Australia

Guthi Australia; a non- profit organization, working for the welfare of Nepalese in Australia; is organizing ‘Nepal Kite Festival’ on the occassion of greatest Nepalese festival Dashain. Kites, lattai and dhago have been specially ordered from Nepal for the event. Jumping castle, face painting and many other activities will be organized focusing the children and families. Nepalese cuisines will be available and there will an after party at Third Eye Bar & Bistro. No entry fees will be charged for the event that will take place at Bicentennial Park, Rockdale on Saturday, September 27 from 10 AM onwards.

“Normally in Sydney we don’t get to celebrate Dashain like we do in Nepal but this year Guthi Australia, a non profit organisation I’m affiliated with, is hosting Dashai Kite Festival. We have ordered Changa & Lattai from Nepal to celebrate like in Nepal to preserve our culture in Australia and share it with the next generation of kids that are born here in Australia.” Sarun Tamrakar, singer of The Uglyz band told NeoStuffs.

This event is for surely ‘can’t afford to miss’ event for all the Nepalese living in Australia. Happy Dashain everyone!
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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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